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We're students just like you who realize how difficult it is to get an internship. You send out hundreds of applications only to get ghosted by recruiters and treated like a number.

We decided it was time for a change. We built InternBlitz in our dorm at Georgia Tech, constantly talking to students to understand what it would take to build the world's best internship site. Today, InternBlitz helps thousands of students around the country.

"I feel like a good 60-70 minutes a day went into either applying or worrying about getting a summer job, which was definitely way more than it should be."
- Shiraz, UC Berkeley
"Probably sent out around 200 applications and as many cold emails. Had a hit rate of around 1% of the cold emails, and got maybe 7-8% of first round interviews."
- Michelle, Portland State University
"I applied for around 100 internships. I think the most frustrating part of the processes was (and still is) getting a rejection, but not understanding why."
- Jonathan, Drexel University
"I sent SO MANY emails to my recruiter, following up on the status of my application."
- Sophia, UMich
"Every time I sent in my applications, I just felt like they were going into a black box. I never knew how to get past that, so I just kept sending out more applications and hoping something would work."
- Dashawn, Georgia State University

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"I was honestly so surprised by how fast the process was. Usually it takes me hours to send out applications, but with InternBlitz, it just took a few minutes."
- Jajuan, Ohio State University
"The dashboard is probably my favorite part. Having all the information I need from LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and the news all in one place just feels like I'm cheating."
- Jennifer, Cornell University
"There really isn't anything else like this that exists. I've been asking for a common application for internships for ages and it's amazing that someone's actually gone through and built one."
- April, UCLA
"I feel like I just understand the recruiting process so much better. There were so many small things I was missing out on and I was losing interviews because of it."
- Kevin, Purdue University

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